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MiniVID WiFi with eyetube adapter

New! MiniVID WiFi

The MiniVID WiFi 5MP camera is an incredible new addition to our camera line. It can be mounted to nearly any brand or type of microscope via the included trinocular C-mount or optional binocular eyetube adapter.

Through the "Ucam" app, the MiniVID WiFi can connect wirelessly to any iOS device (iPhone/iPad) or Android phone/tablet.

Additionally, the MiniVID WiFi can connect both wired and wirelessly to all PCs with the included software.

MiniVID-WiFi Camera
Price $638 ea.



Eyetube Adapter
Price $150 ea.






BioVID 1080+

The BioVID HD 1080+ microscope camera does it all! Connect the camera to any trinocular microscope via C-mount threading, and plug the HDMI cable into any large screen HDTV for amazing resolution and fast-action video (60fps). Use the included USB cable and advanced imaging software to save and edit images and videos on your computer. Or save images and videos to the included SD card for portability and future use. The BioVID HD 1080+ has 1920x1080 resolution, increased sensitivity, low-noise, and great color rendition creating stunning, high-resolution images with smooth live-image display. Whether in a large lecture hall, a classroom, the laboratory, or the clinic, the BioVID HD 1080+ will ensure clients and students see microscope images clearly.

BioVID 1080+ Camera
Price $1059 ea.


d-VID with included stand (laptop not included)

d-VID Digital Microscope

The d-VID is an easy-to-use digital microscope. Perfect for dental, electronics, and educational uses, the d-VID even includes measuring capabilities. It's also fun for the hobbyist-- Capture images and live video clips to share with friends.

For full specifications, click here:


Price $155 ea.


High-Tech. Low Price!

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Perfect for laboratory and classroom use!
Works on any trinocular, binocular or
monocular microscope...
Stereoscopes, too.

MiniVID USB 2.0
Eyepiece Camera


The MiniVID eyepiece camera is the easiest to use camera on the market today. No adapters are necessary--just pop it into the eyetube of any microscope and you have instant video micrography. The innovative MiniVID provides crisp, clear images for use in classroom or boardroom presentations.


MiniVID USB 2.0 with software
1/2.2" color CMOS chip-5mp
Max Resolution: 2592x1944
1.2 Lux Sensitivity

USB 2.0 interface
Automatic Exposure
Saved Picture File Format: BMP, JPG
Windows 98, 7, 8, XP, or Vista
Software: Scopephoto Senior micro-image analysis software Mounting Requirements: Standard eyetube (23mm and 30mm)
Standard c -mount (threaded).

Price $460
Works through PC only--no capture card needed


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