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Our Observer series of  microscopes is perfect for students and hobbyists.

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Email us your entry...No purchase necessary.
One entry per family, please.

Congratulations to B. A. Adams of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
winner of our November 2013 Duo-Scope giveaway!

My First Lab Duo-Scope
Combination compound & stereo microscope
a $110 value

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To enter, just send us an email with your name, address, and phone number.  On the subject line, please put "Contest Entry."

All information received will be held in confidence.  We will not sell or otherwise abuse your personal information.  This is a Lab Essentials promise.

Click below to email your entry to:

See below for complete rules and link to previous winners.

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"It has been a long journey to find the appropriate recipient for this microscope, but it now has an excellent home in the provincial veterinarian's office in remote Panjshir Valley. The recipient's name is Dr. Noor Ali. They have no microscope at all, and this gift will be a substantial increase in their ability to diagnose diseases across the entire province.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to donate this valuable equipment."

Major Jessica McCoy -- July 2006 Contest Winner

We thank Major McCoy for her kind heart and service to our country.

Click here for a list of past contest winners.


No purchase necessary to enter or win. Only one microscope will be awarded per contest.

A random drawing will be held on December 31, 2013, to determine the winner.  The winner will be notified by email or telephone on December 31, 2013.

Lab Essentials, Inc. will provide the winner with the Duo Scope (a $110 value) and pay freight charges to any address in the USA.

Persons outside the USA are welcome to enter and are eligible to win, but will be responsible for all freight charges, duties, and customs charges.

Please, only one entry per family. Your first entry will be accepted.  Additional entries will be discarded.

The winner's name will be posted on our website on December 31, 2013.

Void where prohibited.

          Good Luck!

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