LW Scientific Student Pro Microscope - Teaching Head

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Holiday Special: Purchase the 3-objective Student Pro Teaching Head for only 240 Dollars!

Taking the student microscope to the next level – the Student Pro is ready for any teacher, student, or hobbyist that wants the “professional grade” in student scopes. With the teaching head version of this product, both a student and a teacher can look into the microscope at the same time, allowing for a number of unique teaching opportunities!

With our proven design the Student Pro includes many of the advanced features you would find on any laboratory quality microscope – built in mechanical stage, heavy cast alloy, all metal gearing, moveable 1.25 ABBE condenser, and clear DIN objectives. Accessories include a dust cover, and fuse. Get accurate, clear results on a student-friendly scope without sacrificing the quality of observation with the Student Pro.

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