Industrial Inspection Stereoscope

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Using the Z4 Zoom Stereo microscope, industrial professionals can easily perform quality control inspections. Die casts, wire casings, jewelry, circuitry, and much more can be inspected and displayed on the video system’s 19” HD monitor. The microscope’s amazing 3-D depth of focus and clarity means that manufacturers can cut down on quality issues, and save time on inspections.

  • Heavy table base
  • Segmented variable LED ring lights provide cool, daylight illumination
  • Articulating boom stand for easier inspections

Applications and Uses:

  • Metallurgy
  • Jewelry and watchmaking
  • Circuitry and electronics
  • Surface examination and analysis
  • Educational studies

Base Kit:

  • Z4 Trinocular Head
  • Articulating Boom Stand with Heavy Table Base
  • 0.5x Reducing Lens
  • Segmented Variable Led Ring Light – 60 Bulbs

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